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GUYS GUYS AAAAAAAAAAAA, i'm so soorryy i'm just posting a new post nowww, really-really sorry because of the cup!! it's like driving me crazy, i love this week a lot, because of the cup and yet the lesson time was cut until 30 min only for a period, so 2 period will be 1 hour, and yet, my skin was getting darker ( arrghh ) and of course i will post a lot of pictures here, but not now, not really in the mood, so i just wanna to tell u guys out there that, maybe after the cup end , i WILL upload the pictures and tell u guys what's going on, on the cup :D
so i wish you have a great, wonderful, and amazing FRIDAY !!! :D


1st day of cup !!

YEY YEY YEYEYEYEYEY INFINITY CUP IS HERE !! :D so damn happy !! Why? All of my classmate are the committee, and i one of them also so our class i empty, so we skipped classes like a looooooooott time :D especially this was the 1st time for the opening cup evaa, so like we must prepare well and yeah the result is wow and amazing :D i'm so happy for my opening cup, kinda nervous before it was begin but after that it just let it out and yeah it's done !! hehehe oh yeah the promise that i made from the previous post here are some pictures that i promise to you guys before, hope you guys like it, eh no, love it ;D enjoy ;)

"my ball" "noo that's my ball" :P

jump jump :D

Shooooooot !!

ahh hahaha :D

whoa i kick the ball :DDD

hiaaaat :D




Go Go high school 8 penabur international :DD

Chelsea with her hop-hop xp

Jovanny and Chelsea ;)

the mc for the cup, Adicahya XP

"where is it sir?" my teacher, with batik clothe "right there sir" :p

man look at his belly, soo damn fat right-right? ;p

Friends always laugh at your jokes even when they're not funny ;)

it's bluee !! :D

what are you looking at jo? hahaha XD

Actually all the total for the 1st day of the cup pictures are 60 but i only post 20 hehe too mucchh, can't stand it with my internet really damn slowww. So i hope you guys loovee it XD, cheers ;)



So sorry guys just today i update my blog, it's been busy for the past 2 days :( so sorry, and yet tomorrow will be Penabur International Cup !! :D i really happy to know that, i also join for the cup, to walk in and help the committee to do something for the opening ceremony. yey yey :) and also i already promise you right? there WILL be a lot of pictures in here i promise you already :))))))) no pictures for today ( sorry aagaain >_< ) and now i want to sleep, cause my eyes are already 5w ._. so i hope you have a good night sleep everyone :D night night :3


101 (dalmation? hahaha :P)

Hellooo guys !! omg i'm so happy to know that i have 101 viewers !! ( like 101 dalmation eh? hehe ) well i just want to thank YOU guys for seeing my blog and yeah i really happy for it :D, hope if i have some mistake on grammar, i just want to say sorry cause, yeah i really not good at grammar :P. So now, i will give you *drum rolling....* Random Picture :P ( hehe ), no it's actually not a random picture, i just want to promote my bestie's blog her blog is really, cannot express by words :D it's nice it's about fashion though :P so anyway i just give you 1 picture and the link to access to go to my bestie's blog enjoy :P

isn't she is cute? :3
oh yeah for the link to go to her blog just click here



Surely guys, i really don't know what to post. I actually already bought the teddy bear for the next up coming post but, not in the mood to take a picture for it, but anyway, my bestie , Jovanny, ask me to go to her house just for play, and i think that was a good idea to cause, maybe i'll take picture of the doll there, cause her house well kinda nice to take picture though, better then my place >-<, so just stay tuned for it ( really-really sorry ) and yet i don't have anytime to spare for taking pictures. I have my tests coming up and projects and homeworks ( aarrgghh ) i guess i will postpone until well i don't really know until when, but As Soon As Possible i will post it here ;). So for today it will be no pictures ( really-really sorry ) and i hope you guys out there had a great, beautiful, wow, and amazing Monday :))



Yahoooooo !! oh hello guys :3 i am really happy cause i will watch THE TOURIST for like THE SECOND TIME !! hehe i really like the movie a lot because there is Angelina Jolie and Johnny Depp if you haven't see the movie you can click here to see the summary :). Why i really love this movie like a lot? because this is the last time Angelina Jolie will play on the movie screen, well the point is she will retire ( that's info that i got ) hehe . Even though i am happy today, Monday i will have MATH test and quiz for geography hope that i can do it hehe :( amen !! so now i will let you guys see the pictures inside The Tourist movie enjoy ;)


hooo :O


Movie time !!

Hello guys hope you have a wonderful, peaceful, Saturday morning !! :D . Well today my mother buy ticket for my family watching at theater today, the title is "Gulliver's Travels" you guys know it right? well for those who haven't watch it yet, you can read the summary just click here the summary of gulliver's travels . Actually i already watched this movie and my mom just ask me to watch it again so, well yeah i will watch. anyway the movie is not really that bad, so that's why i wanna watch again :D but from my opinion Tron and The Tourist is much much much more better than Gulliver's Travels ( hehe ), but for kids, i bet they will like Gulliver's Travels a lot than The Tourist and Tron ( some teenage like you guys out there would like Tron also ) so here are some picture i will give you guys see what's is the inside of Gulliver's Travels

hoo :D


high five fella :P

*punch* ouch that must be hurt :S


Stay Tuned For More ;)

Hey hey heyy Thank God It's Friday guys !!! (TGIF) !! haha i hope you guys have a good Friday for this week ;D. Well yeah as you all can see the title is "Stay Tuned For More" because i will put some more pics coming up and yet my school will have a Penabur International Cup for the FIRST time ever !! :D i'm very excited to know that and yet i will take pictures like maybe a lot, because after class ( i know it's sucksss right?? ) well around 11 am then the Cup BEGIN !! And of course i will not forget to upload here so you guys can see the pictures from our Cup :). And yet the other news for you guys see maybe Monday i will buy a teddy bear doll and i will take a picture of it, and yet the teddy bear is so super cute :D i just want you guys see it :) hehe and i just hope you guys like my pictures that i will take hoho :DDD, for tdoay i will just post one of my good picture ( well actually it's because of my tissue box so that's why it's not really good picture ) but anyways hope you guys like it hoho

"If you can dream it, you can do it."
Walt Disney

Anyway why I put Walt Disney quotes? You guys see the Tinker Bell is just like hope something to be happen so guys keep remember like Walt Disney said, if you can dream it, you can do it  ;) quotes of the day actually hoho :D


Clash of the Titans !!

Actually yesterday there was a competition on my school, is about basketball, from Penabur International Kelapa Gading VS Tanjung Duren International School, and unfortunately i can't join to see live for the games because i have a course and yet the game was until night, so it's to bad for me that i can't even watch for real. The games contains the teacher vs teacher and the senior students vs senior students, but my teacher just took the teacher vs teacher games, but it's okay. But anyway i really happy to know that i can saw the picture that my teacher took it yesterday for the teacher games. Some i saved it and i will post it now !! Hope you guys like the shot of my teacher's photo and it's not mine i just post it here because i don't have the pictures :(((

The team for the basket (black Klapa Gading white Tanjung Duren)
The team from Tanjung Duren :)
The team for Kelapa Gading
Let the game BEGIN !!

:O wow

Anyway i LOVE the last shot that my teacher took it. It just right time !! 


Check It Out :D

Check it out guys :p the title insipired from a song i heard today :3. Today well as usual days boring day at school Homework, Tests, and Projects are already given to us so like yeah we must do it or my score will get red mark >_< . So i will post some random pictures i got it from a few days ago soo check it out  and hope you guys like it :D

salt :P

me to you bear :3

Tinker Bell :D

plate and tea glass :)

nestle :o

my cousin ;D

my cousin and my little bro :)

someone's car :|


uh oh ._. my first post

Guys helloo so this is my official day for my first post ( yey ) :D as you all can see, i <3 to take pictures. It's just like i just love it to take pictures for my memories so i can see it again and again and can re-call what happen at that time and stuff. Actually i picked today because of the date is really nice don't you guys realize? it's 11.01.11. So at my first official post i just wanna to post some of my very own not edited pictures hope you all out there like it ;p
my bestiee Jova :D
you guys know the logo right? yeah it's Sour Sally yummy !! :9

Aqua :o

Thanks for viewing my blog :D