Surely guys, i really don't know what to post. I actually already bought the teddy bear for the next up coming post but, not in the mood to take a picture for it, but anyway, my bestie , Jovanny, ask me to go to her house just for play, and i think that was a good idea to cause, maybe i'll take picture of the doll there, cause her house well kinda nice to take picture though, better then my place >-<, so just stay tuned for it ( really-really sorry ) and yet i don't have anytime to spare for taking pictures. I have my tests coming up and projects and homeworks ( aarrgghh ) i guess i will postpone until well i don't really know until when, but As Soon As Possible i will post it here ;). So for today it will be no pictures ( really-really sorry ) and i hope you guys out there had a great, beautiful, wow, and amazing Monday :))


j o v a n n y c said...

Hey jenn!! i love your post about the tourist..especially the pictures:) I watched it twice too lol


ifer said...

aww thx jova :D i hope you like all my posts hehe thx for the comment :))

j o v a n n y c said...

Yeah i love all of them since i watched both movies with you too:p


Thanks for viewing my blog :D