1st day of cup !!

YEY YEY YEYEYEYEYEY INFINITY CUP IS HERE !! :D so damn happy !! Why? All of my classmate are the committee, and i one of them also so our class i empty, so we skipped classes like a looooooooott time :D especially this was the 1st time for the opening cup evaa, so like we must prepare well and yeah the result is wow and amazing :D i'm so happy for my opening cup, kinda nervous before it was begin but after that it just let it out and yeah it's done !! hehehe oh yeah the promise that i made from the previous post here are some pictures that i promise to you guys before, hope you guys like it, eh no, love it ;D enjoy ;)

"my ball" "noo that's my ball" :P

jump jump :D

Shooooooot !!

ahh hahaha :D

whoa i kick the ball :DDD

hiaaaat :D




Go Go high school 8 penabur international :DD

Chelsea with her hop-hop xp

Jovanny and Chelsea ;)

the mc for the cup, Adicahya XP

"where is it sir?" my teacher, with batik clothe "right there sir" :p

man look at his belly, soo damn fat right-right? ;p

Friends always laugh at your jokes even when they're not funny ;)

it's bluee !! :D

what are you looking at jo? hahaha XD

Actually all the total for the 1st day of the cup pictures are 60 but i only post 20 hehe too mucchh, can't stand it with my internet really damn slowww. So i hope you guys loovee it XD, cheers ;)

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