101 (dalmation? hahaha :P)

Hellooo guys !! omg i'm so happy to know that i have 101 viewers !! ( like 101 dalmation eh? hehe ) well i just want to thank YOU guys for seeing my blog and yeah i really happy for it :D, hope if i have some mistake on grammar, i just want to say sorry cause, yeah i really not good at grammar :P. So now, i will give you *drum rolling....* Random Picture :P ( hehe ), no it's actually not a random picture, i just want to promote my bestie's blog her blog is really, cannot express by words :D it's nice it's about fashion though :P so anyway i just give you 1 picture and the link to access to go to my bestie's blog enjoy :P

isn't she is cute? :3
oh yeah for the link to go to her blog just click here

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